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Attend the Slingshot Reveal where we'll unmask next year's vision for pest control. It's time to make providing excellent 24/7 sales and customer service a standard practice for the industry.

Titans of Service

Great Partners

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Hear from our clients on what makes their businesses successful.

Meet our strategic partners and learn about integrations that are being built with you and your team in mind.

Witness the big product reveal with our product leaders and see where we're taking pest control for 2020 and beyond!

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What could your pest control business accomplish with more time? Skyrocketing sales and 5-star customer service? 
We think so too.


The Slingshot Reveal

Taylor Olson

CEO & Co-Founder

Jon Soldan

President & COO


Chris Brasher

John Yates

Director of Product

We brought together a group of people that have devoted their time and energy to serving Pest Control Businesses around the nation.


Pest control and automation is on our minds. 
Here's how we'll share our big ideas.

Mountain Time

Meet our founders and learn how the pest control industry shaped what Slingshot is today.

Titans of Service
Hear best practices on business strategy from our clients.

The Reveal
Witness the Big Reveal for the future of pest control with our own head of product!

Working Together
Learn about our partners and the integrations that benefit your business.

11:00 AM

11:30 AM

11:45 PM


Thomas Welsh

 Voice for Pest

The Giveaway
One lucky winner wins the ultimate giveaway from Slingshot!

12:00 PM

10.22.20 @ 11 AM MT


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The Slingshot Giveaway

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Rick Agajanian

Director of Product

Kirsten Lester

Chief Product Officer

Strategic Partners

We're better, faster, stronger together.


11:15 AM

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Over 1,000 pest control professionals are already enjoying the benefits of Slingshot — an average 3x boost to customer conversion rates, a 25% increase in overall sales opportunities, and up to 40% boost in annual sales. Seriously.

Modern customers hate waiting. Slingshot gets us in touch with customers who would have otherwise given up and contacted a competitor.”

John Crouch, VP, ABC Home & Commercial Services

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A special event for PestWorld attendees, clients, and innovators

CEO & Founder

Brandon Grover

Mike Givlin

Edmund Mackey


Chief Marketing &
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