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Many lawn management professionals are already enjoying the benefits of Slingshot — an average 3x boost to customer conversion rates, a 25% increase in overall sales opportunities, and up to 40% boost in annual sales. Seriously.

Use Slingshot agents to complete the entire sale, schedule an on-site quote, or qualify the lead and pass it off to your inside sales reps.

Virtual, U.S. Based Sales Reps for Lawn Management Providers

Every call, chat, text, lead, email, or message answered by our team of home services experts. Request a demo today to stop losing leads and start winning more business.  

Send calls after hours, overflow, or on weekends. Be the first company to respond and wake up to new customers in your inbox, not voicemails.

Sell, Qualify, & Schedule

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Brandon Rushing | Brandon Rushing  Lawn & Garden Care

“It’s amazing how many people call after hours. Utilizing Slingshot has helped us capture more leads after hours and on weekends that we were missing out on previously.”

Never Miss a Lead

Get in touch with prospects in a minute or less. Never miss a lead, and maximize lead source channels by contacting every lead, every time.

Full Visibility and Reporting

View every lead, from beginning to end. Keep track of when web leads arrive, how long it took to contact them, and what the result was.

Software that Works For You

Instant engagement across phone, web-chat, text, web leads and social media. Open modern communication pathways and let your virtual sales go to work.

Open. Always.

Updating your website and online profiles to reflect your 24/7 availability tells customers that you are there for them in any time of need.

By the Numbers

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of sales occur after hours


in new contracts sold per week


decrease in response after waiting longer than 5 minutes

will never leave a voicemail


Get up and running faster than you think.

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"Best thing for us is that we’re available 24/7. That’s an important thing that customers have come to value. The second piece is that Slingshot has made things very easy which is fairly uncommon for industry tools. I can dig into the data and know my service level, accuracy rate, and close rate all from Slingshot’s investment in technology and reporting.”

John Crouch | VP of Customer Relations

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