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Over 1,000 pest & lawn professionals are already enjoying the benefits of Slingshot — an average 3x boost to customer conversion rates, a 25% increase in overall sales opportunities, and up to 40% boost in annual sales. Seriously.

Use Slingshot agents to complete the entire sale, schedule an on-site quote, or qualify the lead and pass it off to your inside sales reps.

Virtual, Industry Trained Sales Reps at Your Service

Give your team all the information they need to react to customer's questions and provide amazing customer service, every time.

Send calls after hours, overflow, or on weekends. Be the first company to respond and wake up to new customers in your inbox, not voicemails.

Sell, Qualify, & Schedule

Join the 1,000+ pest and lawn professionals relying on Slingshot

Never Miss a Lead

Get in touch with prospects in a minute or less. Never miss a lead, and maximize lead source channels by contacting every lead, every time.

  • Have the same voice and approach across your whole team.
  • Answer your client's questions efficiently the first time.
  • Maintain outstanding customer service.
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Modern customers hate waiting. Slingshot gets us in touch with customers who would have otherwise given up and contacted a competitor.”

John Crouch, VP, ABC Home & Commercial Services

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Why Call Scripts are Beneficial